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    by dcorban

    The retailer I mentioned now lists it as arriving first week of August. Seems like a reprint.

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    by EDG_

    Jasonbartfast wrote:

    Buildings marked "start" are placed with the regular start buildings during the short game only.

    Just to be perfectly clear about this (I've just run into the same issue):

    Building marked with a "Start" AND a tickmark are used in the long game, yes? While Buildings marked with a "Start" without a tickmark are ONLY used in the short game?

    So for a Long 1 player game, the Marketplace is the only additional Start building (as well as the three usual Starting Buildings).

    For a Short 1 player game, the Sawmill and Black Market are the only additional Start buildings.

    Is that correct?

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    by Ponton

    In the long game, there are only ever three start buildings: B1, B2, B3

    Only in the short game, buildings marked with "start" are used as additional start buildings.

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    by EDG_

    OK, thanks. I realised that after I posted, after thinking about it some more :).

    Though I do love this game, the setup seems somewhat overly complex. I'm not sure why there are two columns of ticks that say the same thing (on the left and right of the back of the Building cards) - if they'd put the full game in one column and the shortened game in the other column that would have made things a little clearer I think.

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    by EDG_

    sorry for the bump, but I am wondering about this too. The special buildings are a pretty interesting part of the game and it kinda sucks to just leave them out of the shortened one (I have the Grand Hameau expansion too, which is yet more Special Buildings, so I'd like to use those!).

    I like the idea of the town building a Special Building at the same time as it builds the lowest Building - it seems to me that it would give you about as many Specials as there are in the long game.

    Whether that particularly imbalances anything on the other hand is another matter. if it does, then a Special could be built at the same time as every other 'normal' building maybe?

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    by gethankins

    For what it's worth, I emailed Z Manback in May, and hey replied saying it will be "reprinted this summer", and will include Le Grand Hammeau expansion.

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    by ldsdbomber

    interesting, I wonder if they will retain the orange background of the GH cards in that case

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    by EDG_

    Having played a Long 4 player game recently I think that the game becomes a LOT harder when you only have one action per turn - and that'll be worse with 5 players.

    So I was thinking - for 4 or 5 player games, what would the effect be of adding an eighth Supply Space (after the seventh, before the End of Round).

    In a four player game, that would mean that everyone gets two turns per round, instead of a given player having one turn every 5 rounds. Simple enough.

    In a five player game, this would mean that the cycle for the first five rounds (which then repeats as the game continues) goes from:

             1/turn   2/turn
    Round 1: 3,4,5 1,2
    Round 2: 1,2,5 3,4
    Round 3: 2,3,4 5,1
    Round 4: 1,4,5 2,3
    Round 5: 1,2,3 4,5


             1/turn   2/turn
    Round 1: 4,5 1,2,3
    Round 2: 2,3 4,5,1
    Round 3: 5,1 2,3,4
    Round 4: 3,4 5,1,2
    Round 5: 1,2 3,4,5

    where "1/turn" shows which players have one turn for that round, and "2/turn" shows which players have two turns for that round. It'd still be a challenge, but it'd be more manageable.

    The only other question would be what to put in the new supply space. Clay and Grain, maybe?


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    by louper

    It's not really "simple enough" for 4 players. Having 8 spaces means the same player will always take, for example, turns 1 and 5. (Because 8 is divisible by 4; that's why 7 works nicely - it's prime and so guarantees that players will get their turns at different points in different rounds.) So maybe I'll always get to go after the Iron is added, so I'll just take it each and every time, since I get the first shot at it. It will really warp strategies.

    I've never played with 5 because the rules almost recommend against it, so no comments on that variant (other than that it wouldn't have the same problem as the 4-player variant because 8 and 5 are relatively prime (sharing no factors other than 1).)

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    by davypi

    There was a thread like this a couple of years ago where somebody wanted to create a nine space board for 4/5 players (thus solving the coprime issue mentioned above). The bigger issues is that there will be more net actions over the course of the game. This means that everybody has more time to prepare for feeing, so now you have a glut of food unless you change the food upkeep. You will have all the buildings built before the end of the game, so shipping strategies come more important. Whatever resources you put on the new supply slots change distribution of resources in the game. Adding an extra spot isn't as simple as just adding a spot. It means retooling all of the round cards to adjust for the added time element. But wait! Retooling the round cards also means having to retool which boats are on the back of the card. If feeding phases are further apart, should boats provide more food or less? The list considerations you haven't taken into account goes on and on and on.

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    by grant5

    EDG_ wrote:

    Having played a Long 4 player game recently I think that the game becomes a LOT harder when you only have one action per turn...

    That's the point. It's supposed to be hard.

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    by kimotep

    Any news on this? Anyone know when this will show up in stores?

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    by sylvestris

    I managed to find a game in an "offline" game shop after some intelligence work by a friend of mine :)

    So the story ended happily for my part

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    by taragalinas

    Title says it all. Got an email from Z-man today.

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    by ayedub

    Great, now what about Ora Labora? =/

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    by stlm

    Will it still include the expansion?

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    by cesarpepe

    Those are great news. Last email I got from them they said it was going to be over the summer. I suppose they are a bit behind of schedule. Still, great news, thanks for posting them.

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    by alicialaura

    I have yet to build a Luxury Liner, but I'll have to try that out next time! I'm thinking I should branch out from my cattle strategy, anyway. I think it may be the result of playing against the same AI opponent often, and it tends to ignore cattle.

    Of my meager little collection of board games and iOS implementations, I have to say that Agricola and Le Havre have captured my interest the most (along with Puerto Rico, of course). My significant other is as hooked as I am when it comes to I'm thinking that, if he's willing to be patient with the process, he may enjoy Le Havre as well.


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    by taragalinas

    stlm wrote:

    Will it still include the expansion?


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    by yetikeeper

    I have a strong feeling that this reprint will be solidly represented on the Secret Santa gift giving on bgg this Christmas.

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