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    by lostphd

    Juperdat wrote:

    What is the purpose of the treasury? I understand I should pay to it during certain times, but are there times I gain from it that I must be missing?

    You also receive francs from the treasury if you need to take a loan, and you need to pay less than 4 francs. e.g, if you need to pay interest, and have no francs, you take a loan card and three francs from the treasury.

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  • 11/13/18--22:44: Spiel '18 results
  • by Igor Larchenko

    ✩✩✩ Links to all Tops ✩✩✩

    I has already wrote about the games that the players were going to buy most of all in recent Essen. Yes, these games were popular, but other games aroused more interest. What exactly - can be seen in the picture above.Read more »

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    by gnatbuoy

    Hey everyone! I was playing the game and came to a realization. I wanted to share it as a puzzle. whistle

    2-player standard game

    Your opponent has a +4-point Wealth advantage. It's your turn for the final action; your opponent has already completed theirs. Try to win the game!

    Wealth is measured in Francs and to indicate value, we'll use the following notation, XF, where X is a number.

    Game State
    • There are no Francs on the "Francs Offer" supply tile.

    Shipping Line (10F)
    • 5 Francs

    Wealth: 15

    + 10F (Shipping Line)
    + 5F (5 Francs)
    = 15F

    Clay Mound (2F)
    Tannery (12F)
    1 Wooden Ship (4F)
    • 1 loan (-7F)
    • 1 charcoal
    • 8 fish
    • 3 hides

    Wealth: 11F

    2F (Clay Mound)
    + 12F (Tannery)
    + 4F (Wooden Ship)
    - 7F (1 Loan)
    = 11F

    Gamplay/Rules Reminder

    • Action: enter a building or take goods from a supply tile.
    • Final Action: a permitted action all players may take at the end of the game. You are allowed to take an action already used by another player.
    • You may buy/sell buildings/ships and pay-off loans at any time during your turn, however...
    • are only allowed to sell buildings/ships and pay-off loans during the Final Action phase. So in other words, you can't buy buildings during your Final Action.
    • Selling a building/ship gives us Francs equal to half of the its value.
    • Loans deduct 7F from your wealth. It costs 5F to pay-off a loan.

    Available Buildings

    • Smokehouse:
    Value: 6F
    Entry Fee: 2 Food
    Action: Convert up to 6 Fish into Smoked fish. Receive .5F per Fish (round down if necessary).
    Requirements: exactly 1 energy

    • Shipping Line:
    Value: 10F
    Entry Fee: 2 Food
    Action: Ship goods for Francs. Pertinent to this scenario, a Wooden Ship can ship 2 items. Payouts: 1 Fish = 1F, 1 charcoal = 2F, 1 hide = 2F.
    Requirements: 3 energy per ship.

    • Tannery
    Value: 12F
    Entry Fee: Free
    Action: Convert up to 4 Hides to Leather. Receive 1F per Hide.
    Requirements: None

    • Clay Mound
    Value: 2F
    Entry Fee: 1 Food
    Action: Receive 3 Clay (+1 additional Clay for each "Hammer" building. For this scenario, you do not have any "Hammer" buildings).
    Requirements: None

    • Fish: provides 1 food. Worth 1F shipped. Can be upgraded to Smoked Fish.
    • Hide: Worth 2F shipped. Can be upgraded to leather.
    • Charcoal: Provides 3 energy. Worth 2F shipped.

    1. Ship 2 hides gaining 4 Francs. Now it's tied.

    - 1 charcoal (fuel 1 ship)
    - 2 fish (entry fee)
    - 2 hides
    + 4 Francs (2 Francs per hide)

    New Wealth: 15F

    2F (Clay Mound)
    + 12F (Tannery)
    + 4F (Wooden Ship)
    - 7F (1 Loan)
    + 4F (4 Francs)
    = 15F

    2. Sell Clay Mound

    - 1 Clay Mound
    + 1 Franc (from sale)

    New Wealth: 14F

    + 12F (Tannery)
    + 4F (Wooden Ship)
    - 7F (1 Loan)
    + 5F Francs
    = 14F

    3. Pay off loan

    - 1 Loan
    - 5 Francs

    New Wealth: 16F

    + 12F (Tannery)
    + 4F (Wooden Ship)
    = 16F

    The highest yielding action is shipping hide which gives us +4F. Compare that to smoking fish (+3F), making leather (+3F), or shipping anything else (+2F shipping fish).

    Having taken our final action, we're now only allowed to sell buildings and pay loans. We're one Franc short from paying that pesky loan.

    Paying a loan essentially creates +2F (5 Francs removing a -7F impact). To help us reach 5 Francs, we can sell a building. But the key realization is that selling almost any building/ship in the game to pay off a loan is a net loss because losing half the wealth from the building is greater than the +2 wealth from paying off a loan except in one case! Take the following table for example:

    Have 0 Francs and sell 10F Building/Ship | -5F (half building/ship value) + 2F (loan removed) = -3F
    Have 1 Francs and sell 8F Building/Ship | -4F (half building/ship value) + 2F (loan removed) = -2F
    Have 2 Francs and sell 6F Building/Ship | -3F (half building/ship value) + 2F (loan removed) = -1F
    Have 3 Francs and sell 4F Building/Ship | -2F (half building/ship value) + 2F (loan removed) = +0F
    Have 4 Francs and sell 2F Building/Ship | -1F (half building/ship value) + 2F (loan removed) = +1F

    If you have the sufficient Francs, selling a 2F building will actually increase our net worth because the gain from paying off the loan is greater than the loss from selling the building! In all of Le Havre, only the Clay Mound and the 2F-Wooden-Ship are worth 2F!

    Another thing to note is that if you have more than the Francs indicated but still less than 5 Francs (because of course if you had 5F or more you wouldn't need to sell a building to pay it off), you could come out ahead when selling a 6F or less building/ship.

    So selling either the Tannery or the Wooden Ship would allow us to pay off the loan but would result in a net loss! So then we sell the little ol' Clay Mound and that propels us ahead of our opponent!

    (Uwe, if you want to make another expansion(s) or a spiritual successor for Le Havre with other 2F building/ships, we'll embrace it with open arms.)

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  • 11/22/18--23:10: Another half-baked top 5...
  • by John Shepherd

    Today's adventures took me to the town of Shaftesbury, which contains a street called Gold Hill:

    British readers of a certain age might recognise this location as the setting of one of the very early (and well-beloved) works of a certain Mr Ridley Scott:

    Youtube Video

    Though, just in case any casual passers-by were unaware of this connection, a suitable monument has been erected at the summit:

    In commemoration of my visit to this major cultural landmark, today's top 5 topic will be:

    Awesome board games which feature bread!

    1. Agricola. And that moment where you look at your hand of cards right at the start of the game, and realise "Yes. This is the game where I'm definitely going in big on baking bread". Only to have your dreams and ambitions crushed about 6 rounds in, when you realise that at least 2 other people at the table are also"definitely" going in big on baking bread...

    2. Le Havre. Obviously. Whenever I think of the word "Bakery" in the context of a board game, my mind immediately leaps to Le Havre, and its little french loaf resource chits. To be fair, I could probably fill up an entire bread-based top 5 with the works of Mr Rosenburg ... in which case, slot 3 would probably go to Ora et Labora ... except, we always seem to play the Irish version rather than the (bread-featuring) French deck (It's the lure of the Whiskey), and I should probably give some other designers a look-in on this list, so...

    3. Trajan -- A game in which the people frequently demand bread (and circuses. But often bread). The second-best Feld-that-I-don't-actually-own. Yeah, I know that Trajan was a precursor to the present-day glut of "throw a dozen point-salad mini-games at the wall and see which half of them sticks" school of game design ... but, I can cut Feld at least a little bit of slack for getting there first. And the mancala is a very cool action-selection mechanism. Brain-scramblingly-hard-to-do ... but cool.

    4. Oh My Goods! ... which is, I think, a triumph of design; you've really got to take your hat off to Mr Pfister's ability to cram a complex resource-conversion game into a single multi-use deck of cards. I need to get this one back to the table; I haven't played it nearly enough.

    5. The Colonists -- though It's maybe dipping a little bit lower in my affections than it once did. I went through a spate of (very enjoyable) solo plays, but had a 3-player, 3-era game not so long ago, which seemed to drag on just a little bit. Anyway. It has bread. Klemens Franz bread. Actually, thinking about it, 4 out of 5 of these picks was illustrated by Klemens.

    Klemens is, truly, the king of bready board games!

    * * * * *

    Over to you... what did I miss?

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  • 11/26/18--03:26: New Image for Le Havre
  • by dirtyharry2489

    <div>Goods Offers</div>

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  • 11/26/18--06:54: New Image for Le Havre
  • by dirtyharry2489

    <div>Starting Out</div>

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  • 11/26/18--06:54: New Image for Le Havre
  • by dirtyharry2489

    <div>Standard Buildings</div>

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  • 11/26/18--09:38: New Image for Le Havre
  • by dirtyharry2489

    <div>Special Buildings</div>

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  • 11/28/18--13:06: New Image for Le Havre
  • by Captain Maybe

    <div>Le Havre - the board.</div>

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  • 11/28/18--13:06: New Image for Le Havre
  • by Captain Maybe

    <div>Le Havre - including the meeples I added to replace the worker discs.</div>

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    by gusrocha

    Are we supposed to always have a divisible number of standard building for any player count? We were three players the other day and I noticed that there was one standard building too many after dividing them into three columns.

    Did I miscount or is it by design?

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    by grant5

    gusrocha wrote:

    Are we supposed to always have a divisible number of standard building for any player count? We were three players the other day and I noticed that there was one standard building too many after dividing them into three columns.

    Did I miscount or is it by design?

    You miscounted, or, more likely, used too many buildings as start buildings. The piles should always be equal.

    In the long game, the ONLY buildings that start in the town are the two Building Firms and the Construction Firm.

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    by gusrocha

    Oh damn, ok, I'll pay better attention next time!

    Thanks 🙂

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  • 12/13/18--00:47: Le Havre
  • by Sean May

    When: Wednesday 7th November, 2018
    Where: Home, Seoul
    Who: Me

    I was in Daiso recently and saw little plastic tubs and thought they would be perfect for adding to games. When I got home I realised that Le Havre - a game I bought secondhand from someone on Facebook a couple of weeks ago - would be perfect for that. Unfortunately, I hadn't bought enough. So I went back and got more - enough for Le Havre and another pack besides. And they work very well.

    As I had the game open on the table and as I was working the night shift, I thought I'd stay up and play a solo game. I got 231 points/wealth - which seems OK from comments I'd read on BGG from other first time Le Havre 'soloists'.

    I really want to play this with people, now. It's probably not as short a game as it seems, but the quick and simple turns that gradually build up to a series of big purchases by the end of game make it seem like it would be a fun and engaging experience.

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  • 12/13/18--00:49: Le Havre
  • by Sean May

    When: Saturday 10th November, 2018
    Where: Tabletop Gaming in Korea Minicon VII
    Who: Me and Jaini

    While everyone at the minicon else went to get food, my girlfriend and I played Le Havre. This wasn't out of dedication to gaming, but because we didn't want to leave Jaini's dog alone at the venue. I persuaded Jaini to play Le Havre, which I'd recently played solo (see above).

    The competitive game has quite a different feel - and I'm sure games with more than two players are different again. You only need to get about half as much food, but, per round, you have half as many chances to collect resources and buildings.

    I feel like I did less well at this game than I had in the solo version. I especially made a mistake with cattle. I accumulated a giant stack of cattle throughout the game, making use of Jaini's abattoir only once. I managed to convert much of the resulting hides to leather and ship it, but I was left with a tower of meat that was unused at the game's end. I didn't even need food, as I'd covered that with ships.

    I won 150-something to 90-something. Jaini was especially annoyed by the loans - even though they're pretty easygoing in this game - and had -14 points at the end from unpaid loans. We did have a few turns where one or the other of us broke even at the end of the round, but then interest was due on the very first turn and we had no money - thus necessitating another loan just to pay that one coin.

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  • 12/13/18--00:56: Le Havre
  • by Sean May

    When: Wednesday 14th November, 2018
    Where: Home, Seoul
    Who: Me

    I couldn't sleep last night, so I thought I'd try to wind down with a solo game of Le Havre ... which turned into two. I got 136 and 168 points, respectively - rather down on my initial solo run of 231. I've been looking into strategies since then and may have another crack at it tonight. Seems like you really need to focus on the heavy industry and shipping at the end of the game.

    Sadly, my disappointing showing rather riled me up than wound me down and didn't help me get to sleep at all.