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    by GoodTroll

    It's available cheap on iOS but unless you're playing with someone you know, you're unlikely to find many players on there.

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    by theglassprison

    I've 5th version of this game (Zman). Does this 2018 version contains more card than the 5th ?

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    by tumorous

    theglassprison wrote:

    I've 5th version of this game (Zman). Does this 2018 version contains more card than the 5th ?

    The new printing is the first time that promo cards (Le Havre Expansion: Essen Promo CardsLe Havre: Le Grand Hameau – Rattletrap carLe Havre: Le Grand Hameau – Wholesale BakeryLe Havre: Le Grand Hameau – Tablet with App, I think) have been included in the box.

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  • 06/20/18--10:59: New Image for Le Havre
  • by chronochron

    <div>Spanish Third Edition Cover</div>

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    by Kesavanss

    I understand that all buildings can be used even if occupied by others.

    Thanks in advance

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    by nicoduxx


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    by Lochi

    Yes to both questions.

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    by Zark

    You can use any building, other than the one you are in

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    by Bogusgig

    When you say "Online play" are you referring to you are playing on your phone or on the PC. There is a app for this game to play on PC, it has real time online play I think. I just bought the Steam version and am still going thru the tutorials.

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    by davypi

    Bogusgig wrote:

    There is a app for this game to play on PC

    I think you are confusing this game with Inland Port

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    by Bogusgig

    thanks for clearing that up, I was wondering why the one online did not look the same as this game. Like I said I am still going through the tutorial for the steam app so I was really getting confused watching the videos here how to play.

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    by Surya Van Lierde is pure Eurosnoot and proud of it!

    Le Havre
    tl;dr: still amazing

    This game has long been one of my absolute favorites. I recently played it again for the first time in too long. I was a bit out of it but still enjoyed this a lot.
    When I say this is still one of my favorites that does come with a caveat: I think this game is best with 2 or 3 players. With more players the urgency of getting food is not harsh enough.
    What I love in this game is the struggle to pay the food cost every round while still trying to do things that also grant you money. There are many ways to tackle this issue and that is what I love so much. This game just doesn't get old.

    Rating: still 11/10
    BGG scale: 10/10

    tl;dr: the artwork makes the game

    By now I guess most people have played this game. It's an excellent game for larger play counts of people that are occasional games. But I think most gamers will enjoy this as well. This game works best if you switch up who you play it with as well as this game works differently for everyone. The reason for that is that while the rules are very simple, the artwork just makes this game work. The art on the cards is amazing both as art and as a game component. Because the art is always a weird mixture of different familiar elements in strange settings. That is perfect for this game as it helps you come up with vague hints. The question is more: how vague do you make your hints?
    This game has a ton of expansions with more new wonderful cards. I would suggest getting those for better replay value, but I think they're way overpriced in way over sized boxes. I got the first edition of the first expansion, that came in a tuck box. That was a better price point.

    Rating: still 7.5
    BGG scale: 8/10

    Helios addendum

    In my initial thoughts on this game I said the following
    I was kind of disappointed that you do need to buy the scoring bonus cards.

    After 3 more games I'm happy to report that I have been able to win this game with a variety of different strategies. None of them have involved a big investment in these character cards. Some other players came very close to winning without a single one. So it seems that statement after my initial play does not hold true.
    It even seems as if investing too heavily on those will cost you the victory as you will have to spread yourself too thin to activate them all.

    Rating: still 7.3/10
    BGG scale: 7/10

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    by tigrevasco_2003

    I have played 10 full games with my partner and we have enjoyed a lot. I like how tight is the feeding requirement.

    Last week we decided to try the short game (2 plays) and I am so disappointed because of the feeding tension went down. We had no problem with the food at all and we were far to take any loan in both games. In the second game, we even swept the 3 building piles before the end of the 7th round.

    Should the short 2er game work in this way (shorter and far easier)?. I am thinking to start with no wooden ship for both players to make the short game a bit more challenging, have anybody tried it?.

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    by Raujour

    I only play the short game when I’m teaching. It having easier food requirement helps with the teach.

    It is actually very good for an end-of-night (not long enough to play a big game) and people want to learn timeline. Sets up playing the next time.

    edit: otherwise, always long.

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  • 07/09/18--06:49: New Video for Le Havre
  • by Micaelsousa


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  • 07/10/18--05:15: New Image for Le Havre
  • by mpalframan

    <div>Le Havre is a mess...</div>

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  • 07/11/18--19:09: New Image for Le Havre
  • by isearch

    <div>Le Havre 2p full game</div>

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    by bully83tav

    Could someone please clarify, when I build a building from the proposals does the cash / resource just go back into the supply?

    Also do you get any "change" from resources? i.e. if you need to use coal (3 energy) for an action requiring 1 energy?

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    by Thecostcutter

    Q1: yup

    Q2: nope. No change.

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    by Uksweeney

    bully83tav wrote:

    Also do you get any "change" from resources? i.e. if you need to use coal (3 energy) for an action requiring 1 energy?

    As you get no change, that why it’s important you also have a wood or two, to be efficient. Do smoke house with coal, coke or charcoal would be wasteful and make funny tasting fish. :D