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  • 05/27/17--22:50: Starving Le Havre
  • by Tony Boydell

    It's Friday evening and I am standing in front of the shelves trying to decide what to take to Ross-on-Wye; I scan from top-to-bottom, left-to-right:
    - too long for an evening session
    - Jobbers/Boffo/Smudge hates it
    - I hate it (so why is it still there?)
    - Too valuable to actually play
    - Haven't read the rules so the first hour would be a heckle-some ordeal
    - "Just don't fancy it"

    I only want to take one thing down - Yokohama is already in the back of the car - and I just can't seem to make up my mind. And then I see the spine of Le Havre...

    Le Havre has been / is about to be reprinted with all of the extra goodies (which is a bit of a shame for those of us who tirelessly hunted-and-gathered them the first time around) and pictures of it 'in play' have been popping up on Social Media (mainly via the excellent Heavy Cardboard stream: @HeavyCardboard). Additionally, I have been happily hammering the AI on my iOS app version for 4+ years now so it seemed almost an angelic chorus-accompanied moment as I slid it from the 'Lookout Games Line-Up' and in to my bag!

    :star: :star: :star:

    We would be six again this evening: by the bead-woven beard of St John the Baptist but it's a purple patch for the Ross-on-Wye gamers at the moment, so the thought of a 3 player Le Havre (the perfect player count) filled me with butterflies. While we waited for Mischa and James, the usual four got out our bristle-y daubers a got a-paintin':

    Starving Artists: I don't know much about Art but I know what I like.

    In summary: each round comprises two actions (a 'working day'), one each for the morning and one each for the afternoon: get some paint cubes from a bag, put some paint cubes on to a painting 'stencil' OR buy a stencil. Once per day you may swap cubes for other cubes from a central pool. At the end of the day, players may sell one or more completed stencils to get VPS, food (very important) and more paint cubes drafted from the pool. Each day, your food marker counts down and the game will go in to an end phase when someone 'starves' ie. runs out of food because either the cannot - or don't want to - sell a painting to get food. The game ends when a player completes X stencils OR reaches a threshold VP value OR the end of the round after someone starves; in the first cases, the person achieving the goal wins and, in the latter, most VPs is the winner.

    I'm enjoying Starving Artists very much but I won again by being the first to complete X stencils and - again, like last Monday - the other players expressed concerns about how paint cubes are awarded/drafted when stencils are sold: I find myself collecting almost all the cubes I need to complete my NEXT painting off the back of the prior one, in a pleasing 'chain', but this only benefits the first picker. I must scout the forums to see if anyone else has been niggled by this. It _is_ lovely, though.

    There was still no sign of Mischa and James, so Smudge suggested we play Troyes; hardly Le Havre but an acceptable alternative. I'd barely picked up my first worker to place in one of the districts when our missing additionals cheerfully bounce in to the Pub. There was some thought that we should pack away Troyes and, perhaps, offer something lighter to our guests but - in a moment of (selfish?) evangelistic fervour - I forbad that suggestion and insisted they still play Troyes (because it's great and substantial and a fantastic example of modern Euro games) while Jobbers and Smudge and I slope off to the corner to play - yes - Le Havre!

    What a brilliant session it turned out to be: Jobbers and Smudge picking up end-game bonus buildings for 'spare resources' and cows respectively. I spotted I was getting a bit behind on buildings myself and hoovered up the Church, Cokery and Bank in a penultimate round splurge...the latter worth an extra 15 points on it's own! The final scores, all very close indeed, gave witness to a superbly nip-and-tuck game (all done in just over two hours): 185 (me), 172 (Jobbers) and 164 (Smudge). Now that this magnificent work is getting some reissue love, perhaps I need to sit down and design a few additional buildings myself? Perhaps with some new supply tile(s) and new Goods?

    Next week I shall be Expo-ing, of course, and the week after..? Well, it seems the Prince of Wales pub is being sold and refurbished over the Summer - the last time our little group went through that particular change scenario, it didn't turn out too well. Fingers crossed, eh?

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  • 05/29/17--08:23: New Image for Le Havre
  • by vgap

    <div>German 2017 edition box</div>

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    by Isra C.


    Some days are for work, some days are for joy. This one was for the both.
    First we started to put in common all the fresh ideas we get from the testing sessions the past Saturday. With these tweaks and changes, we close the version for our publisher and we can have prototype-vacations (haha, no, that's impossible).

    These are the final touches of the game and it's in Meridiano 6's hands for testing. Cannot wait!!

    Beer is for... erhm.. scale.

    Despite of being tired after put together all of our ideas for the The Red Cathedral's guilds, we played one game that we didn't remember that it was soooo good: K2

    This game is a case of "Games that we played long time ago, we remember that it was good, but we do not remember how to play, and reading a manual that I read long time ago gives us pure sloth"

    Awesome game, extremely easy to play but meaty enough to keep everyone in the game.


    Hype is a desease. For real. This day Terraforming Marswas released in Spain and we had to preordered on Tuesday and picked up today.Damn you hype! But ALSO played today (only the chosen ones are played in the same day that are bought). I cannot say anything more than "all the hype is worth". It is an awesome game. It doesn't have any new mechanic or something that you say "woah! that's new" but EVERYTHING is awesome in there.

    But, we played the most cheated game of Terraforming Mars ever: Our generations was:

    -2 actions Shei
    -2 actions me
    -End and production.

    As you can expect, we were plenty of coins, resources, cards and everything hahhahahha.

    Resource bonanza!


    Another game of Terraforming Mars but properly played this time. Awesome. There are too many reviews there, I cannot add nothing more to them. Go get this game and play it. Yes, the production is inconsistent and has some things really great and other really poor, but it worth it. By the way, Shei won the both times and it could be another "Vinhos or Grand Austria Hotel" case here. Shame on me.


    Today we planned to play a lot of games but we had a really busy day and the only thing (I said "only" but it was 2h of game!) was Le Havre that we bought at Club DA2 second handed. We play a full game of 2 players and it was really good. Not my Uwe's favourite, because it seemed to me a little bit repetitive, but anyway, it's nice to play. The next time we'll play the short version to see how it is.


    Big, big day here. Finally we play something that we really wanted to play since we're in the games hobby: Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (Well, we wanted to play the old one, but since there is a new version... )

    LONG AS HELL. More or less ~6h between explanation and play a full game of 4 players. I loved it so much (and I won because everyone in the game was practically novice). I'd prefer a game of Nations because it gives me the same feeling like TtA with 3 less hours of game time.

    It's not for me, but I'd never turn down a game.
    The tablecloth was not included in the box.

    See you next week! We played no so many games but all of them was awesome!

    PS: As always, please feel free of correcting my grammar mistakes :)

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    by Hochi

    I got mine now and paid 26€.

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    by lorddog

    sold out right now on coolstuff :(

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    by dvation

    Did CSI just get this first or is this going to be a CSI exclusive (temporary)?

    I'm just a bit surprised I haven't seen any of the other major online retailers put this up for sale yet.

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    by stevepop

    Hochi wrote:

    I got mine now and paid 26€.

    Yep. Mayfair hates America.

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  • 05/31/17--10:19: New Video for Le Havre
  • by Niramas


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    by Muse23PT

    Hochi wrote:

    I got mine now and paid 26€.

    where did you get it for €26?!?

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    by Telrak I guess. They had a buy 3 for 2.

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    by Ben Bateson

    For the second week running, we were expecting 6P, but with Mischa and James somewhat slow to turn up, we comfortably had time for a starter game of Tony's new copy of Starving Artists. This is a moderately enjoyable jumble of Cubist and Pastiche, although it seems to have omitted any real strategy. John criticised the 'rich get richer' mechanic and I'm inclined to agree with him. But it was pleasant enough stuff for a time-filler.

    Assuming that James and Mischa weren't coming, we set up Troyes (Tony had brought it for several weeks on the trot, so of course we played my copy) and no sooner had I started to dish out the rules when guess who turned up? That's Mischa and James, not the actual game Guess Who, mind.

    With a bout of impressive logic and realism, Tony suggested that M&J learn Troyes given that it was already set up. He took Becky and John off for a session of Le Havre - the Rosenberg I cannot bring myself to love - and by all accounts it was cracker, playing up to its 'best with 3' tag perfectly.

    I was impressed with how quickly M&J - keen but not terribly experienced games - picked up Troyes, which is somewhat disjointed at the best of times, and they both showed no fear in getting themselves established on the activity cards. A hilarious neglect of the Events left us rolling 7 Black dice at the end, and my chronic inability to roll anything higher than a four left me fighting quite a lot of them. James had picked up on a big-money engine to edge me into third place, but Mischa was generating sizable quantities of VPs from round 3 onwards, and it was looking like her game well before the end. Unusual, this: it's only rarely I've been able to accurately predict the end positions at this game.

    With the coloured-chameleon wrangling of Coloretto (and all Tony's associated trash-talk) well underway on the other table, I offered Mischa a choice of 'easy but thinky' or 'easy and less-thinky'. James chose the former for her, and so The Boss hit the table. This proved to be a perfect choice in terms of player count and card-wrangling skill and we pulled our way past closing time in finishing the game - and another win for Mischa. The obvious highlight was James being blacklisted from Cincinnati, only to be dealt all three cards for that city.

    Unfortunately, we have outlasted another pub. The Prince is going to be closed for some time for refurbishment and I don't know yet whether the new owners look kindly on board gamers. So next week sees us at yet another Ross-on-Wye locale - perhaps we should become a touring group?

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    by stevepop

    Just took a look at

    39€ w/free shipping in Germany. What's up Mayfair?

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    by shooshoo

    The online stores in canada i buy from list it at about $61. That seems to be the "normal" price these days for a game like this.

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    by stevepop

    61 CAD? Man, everyone's got it made except the US, I guess.

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    by shooshoo

    LOL whatever!! You guys seem to get games Waaaaay before they show up in canada. The shipping time to get to us is longer for some reason.

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    by stevepop

    All I know is when I can't find a eurogame here I look at boardgamebliss and find it as often as not. Also had a friend pick up a couple of things for me at 401 in Toronto when he went home for Christmas because they were nowhere to be found in the US. I know kickstarters usually show up here earlier, but games from regular publishers?

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    by Telrak

    Well, we other people in the world pay more for US games. ;) It is pretty much even. Do not worry too much about the price. It is a great game and very much worth it.

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    by SDSUChemTA

    Telrak wrote:

    Well, we other people in the world pay more for US games. ;) It is pretty much even. Do not worry too much about the price. It is a great game and very much worth it.

    Great post. Worry about what you can control, not about what you can't.

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    by wolvehunde

    Recieved my copy today from cool stuff and can confirm all the extra cards are there .the cards are also listed in rulebook under components. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was card quality is not that great. still really thin . Maybe it's just a personal issue, but for a game that's almost $100 should include premium cards?

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    by saslett

    So my wife and I recently acquired Le Havre. We played our first game (a two player game) and, unfortunately, it was a terrible experience. Given the high praise this game has received, we are wondering if we simply played incorrectly.

    Per the manual, in a two player game you remove 15 buildings randomly. So we went through the buildings eligible to be used in a two player game and removed 15 randomly. The shipping lane and the wharf were two of the buildings that got removed randomly. The six buildings that were randomly chosen for construction / purchase were all resource conversion buildings like the Abbatoir, Bakery, Brickhouse, and the Steel Mill.

    During the game, we could not sell our goods (no shipping lane) and could not construct ships (no wharf). None of the special buildings that came out made it possible to make extra money, and it wasn't really feasible to get tons of money by alternating grabbing Francs. Ships were simply too expensive for either of us to purchase outright.

    All buildings that could be constructed were quickly constructed. Some had way lopsided victory point amounts compared to what it cost to build them (e.g. the Steel Mill). Once all buildings were constructed, it was a boring affair of getting resources, converting them to feed what we could of our people, and grinding it out to the bitter end. With no more buildings to buy, and no way to sell our resources, it was pointless to use any of the resource conversion buildings except those that gave you food.

    The winner ultimately was the one who happened to first construct the buildings worth more VP.

    Compounding the misery, with us unable to construct ships (and too poor to purchase them), it was a struggle to feed our people. Many loans were taken. Neither of us wanted to sell our buildings to buy ships as we didn't want to give up the VP.

    Please tell me we played the game wrong and that some buildings must remain in a two player game. I've read through the rules and can't figure out that we played incorrectly. One game in and I'm already thinking about selling this as we play most of our games two player.

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